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Author: Scott Pinkston (All RIAForge projects by this author)
Last Updated: May 15, 2007 11:35 AM
Version: .901
Views: 91,196
Downloads: 3,761
License: Apache License, Version 2


The CheckoutCFC is to assist with integrating Google Checkout into coldfusion projects.

See the readme.txt in the zip for getting started tips.

Added in a few changes from Rey Bango - 1/14/2007

Windows DevCenter has published an article about using the API. It is written for .NET but the ideas are the same and should help with understanding the ideas behind using Google Checkout.


changed sandbox url
4/29/07 - added logging = basic or logging=debug to ini. The logging function now write to a log folder, you can get full logging details on each order along with a summary log for each order. In debug mode, each order has a directory created with a log for each activity - such as new order or charged amount. This should make debugging the initial setup easier.

Added orders.cfc - this attempts to break out all of your local order processing from the two main CFC files.

5/4/07 - fixed bug with risk notification calls
added countrycode, localecode, and currencycode to the ini


Coldfusion MX7
(has been reported to work on MX 6.1)


BlueDragon 7.0

Issue Tracker:

6 Just a couple of excessive -hyphens in the source Open 12/07/08 10:44 AM
1 Bad signature Fixed 09/02/07 9:15 PM
5 Response Handler with BD 7 Bug Open 06/25/07 6:50 PM
4 internationalization Closed 05/06/07 5:40 PM
3 responsehandler bug Fixed 05/05/07 11:27 AM

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