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CheckoutCFC Issue: internationalization

Name: internationalization
ID: 4
Project: CheckoutCFC
Type: Enhancement
Area: Code
Severity: Low
Status: Closed
Related URL:
Creator: Bob Hutchinson
Created: 05/05/07 6:49 AM
Updated: 05/06/07 5:40 PM
Description: As the UK has recently been added to googlecheckout and I have the job of making it work in cfm for the UK, I would like to make a contribution to this excellent project, without which I would still be floundering in the dark.

There are 3 aspects to internationalization, countrycode, localecode and currencycode. In the US these are US, en_US and USD respectively. I would propose that the following be added to checkout.ini.cfm

; US

In order for this to be available the following would have to be added to googlecheckout.cfc, immediately below the line

<cfset variables.log_location = GetProfileString(iniFile, "default","log_location")>

<!--- locale country and currency vars --->
<cfset variables.CountryCode=GetProfileString(iniFile, "default","countrycode")/>
<cfset variables.CurrencyCode=GetProfileString(iniFile, "default","currencycode")/>
<cfset variables.LocaleCode=GetProfileString(iniFile, "default","localecode")/>

line 133
<unit-price currency="USD">#itemPrice#</unit-price>

replaced by

<unit-price currency="#variables.CurrencyCode#">#itemPrice#</unit-price>

line 187
<price currency="USD">#shipPrice#</price>

replaced by

<price currency="#variables.CurrencyCode#">#shipPrice#</price>

line 197
<price currency="USD">0.00</price>

replaced by

<price currency="#variables.CurrencyCode#">0.00</price>

in line 249 <input type image .....
replace loc=en_US
with loc=#variables.LocaleCode#

I *think* I've got them all

patchfiles here:


I am also implementing UK VAT taxes and there is shipping to be considered, but not yet as the project I'm doing this for is pure services.
History: Created by hutch (Bob Hutchinson) : 05/05/07 6:49 AM

Updated by spinkston (Scott Pinkston) : 05/05/07 11:38 AM
Checked into the core. I can see a few other things with shipping & taxes but this helps. Thanks

Comment by hutch (Bob Hutchinson) : 05/06/07 5:40 PM
You're welcome.
"The British are coming"
It's the Euros next and that will be big

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